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Message posted by loopbacktest4echo on December 13, 2007 at 9:20:36 PST:

I was assigned several Air Force pickup trucks that were outfitted with fiberglass enclosures on their flatbed which we outfitted with our experimental gear and test equipment. The trucks had AF license plates and no serial numbers. Instead of a serial number there was a plate that said the vehicle must be returned to the manufacturer in Detroit on a certin date to be destroyed. They were barely used when they went back to be crushed. The shells were removed and put on the next round of pickups. I also had a Chevy Blazer that we used in the desert that was purchased for a black customer with cash but registered to a defense contractor. Because the vehicle was used in a secret level project everytime it had to be serviced I had to stand in the garage and observe everything that was done to it. One of the problems we had with goverment equipment was that it was ammortized over time so that when it's value reached $0.00 it was thrown away. We could not resell or auction anything because we would then have to fill out a tax form explaining how this object had regained value. So my quess is that if the vehicles belong to the military they will end up as targets in one of the bombing ranges. The last thing they need is to sell it to a local who will go bopping all over the area causing confusion. They also may go to a motor pool where they will be used for things like changing runway lights, field work, or picking up FOD. If they belong to the AF and are totally unuseable they may send them over to the Navy.

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