Underground Runways

Message posted by Am-241 on December 11, 2007 at 23:26:58 PST:

I don't think I've heard this discussed before, but what do you guys think about the possibility of underground runways for aircraft? I am talking a tunnel that eventually has an open end into the outside air. An aircraft takeoff would be computerized or tracked like an aircraft carrier so there would be no risk. The environment would be 100% known too, so everything could be predicted.

Imagine the tunnel under KLAS's runways. Only this is wider, higher, much much longer, straighter, and has dirt/natural cammo on top. Make it look like a tunnel used for some crazy missile transport/nuclear waste movement facility and no foreign state would suspect a thing if their geophysical mapping capabilities would detect "it." And forget about visible satellite detection altogether (read: us).

Does it exist? Could it exist? Seems much more plausible than some stupid sprinkler system that goes off when an aircraft could just as well land on an ordinary lake bed or with ILS.. sparing the silly S-4 example. This tunnel would be for the most secret of secret however.


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