Re: Are the cammo dudes helpful guys?

Message posted by Gregos on December 05, 2007 at 11:55:40 PST:

Two of my work buddies are in town and they wanted to see Area 51. I explaned the long drive and all but they were still up for it. So we knocked off work early yesterday and off we go!

After the visit to the front gate (on the way back to 375) they asked the very same question. I am to understand that the Cammo Dudes are not to make contact with the public. And I hear they back away if you get too close to see them. However, you would like to think they have a human side and help you if in dire need. Now if I was in life threatening situation I would cross the border so they would detain me and force them to help -or at least the Sheriff (if he makes it to you in time!)

The other question they had was what would they do if you made the turn around on Groom Lake Road at the border. Backed over the line and hauled butt outta there? I explained most of us going there don't ever have that intention. But I guess his question is valid. Would they pursue, break contact or just pass your plate number to the Sheriff? I guess it's human nature to want to break rules!

PS Bald Mountain has snow half way down it. Hancock Summit had very small patches here and there. Didn't see Tikaboo but probably like Bald.

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