Coordinates of turn above steep shale on Tikaboo

Message posted by JB737 on December 04, 2007 at 12:42:14 PST:

I lost the Tikaboo trail (June 30th, before dawn) above the steepest shale until gaining the ridge somewhat before the rocky outcrop. Maybe I didn't continue straight on up high enough, or more likely I went too far and presume I passed a marked right turn.

Does anyone have the GPS coordinates of where that best turning point is? Failing that, I'll just follow my previous GPS track, less the extra looping around that I did looking for markers.

Or, if it is looking like the shale is frozen into a solid block, I might instead ascend my previous direct-descent route, heading to the right from the first fire ring, and keeping right of the rocky-outcrop cliffs. It is less steep, more of a pain in the butt sideslope traverse creating mini rockslides with each step, so I would not attempt it going up except in really good weather, or in bad enough weather that it was frozen together and not sliding.

Any Alamo, Tikaboo, or Hancock Summit weather reports would also be appreciated. One weather report I saw on TV a few days ago showed snow predicted for the area sometime this week.




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