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Hi Hank,

As you point out it's mostly all about common sense and of course there's absolutely no substitute for proper planning. Things do go wrong, accidents do happen and sometimes plain stupidity overrides all the good planning one has done.

Just in case -:

1. Have someone back at home who has all the details of where, when, how of the trip. That would include GPS coordinates of starting points and end points, routes and copies of maps. Probably most importantly, a contact schedule and what to do if a scheduled contact is missed. DO NOT ALTER THE PLAN without prior notification to those back home.

2. Technology is good and quite frankly I don't how we did it with just topo maps - every place in the desert looks just like every other place - dead set easy to get lost (driving or on foot).. We depend on technology so make sure you have some redundancy and at least have a plan if the technology fails. Two GPS's and spare batteries. Know how to use them, practice. Important features like track, track back, test and make absolutely sure you are comfortable using them. When you're lost, tired, hot - not good if you push the wrong button and delete the track. Get maps of the areas you'll be exploring, study them, and familiarize yourself with the area. Fly around with GE. Make sure you have a compass and signaling mirror.

3. Sat Phone - rent one for the week. Test it before you leave home and use it to make scheduled contact calls. Most important - get a list of what emergency numbers are appropriate for where you'll be. Call the emergency services and explain you'll be exploring, will have a Sat Phone and that you want to make sure you have the appropriate emergency contact numbers. The local Sheriff in the county(ies) where you'll be exploring is a good starting point. Don't know about these new personal locator beacons - maybe there a good idea.


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