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Message posted by Gregos on November 18, 2007 at 21:07:16 PST:

So my buddy is being tight lipped about specifics of the uplink (I sent him Joerg's questions). He said it is classified. In his defense, the former Kiawa helicopter pilot went back to Iraq as a private contractor. When I asked him what he would be doing he said it was a secret, but emailed me the web address of the Shadow 200 contractor. He just sent me pictures of his UAV 2 weeks ago and he was there for a year and a half! I still don't know what he did on it. However, he does seem a bit turned off by my interest in Area 51 (as you can see from his warning I posted earlier). So I don't know how classified it really is.

Lastly, I was going to mention the tower before, but I didn't think it was significant. I use to be in the concert lighting industry. The tower is called a Genie Super Tower. We used them a lot when the roof could not support weight (such as a hotel ball room for example). Each tower is hand cranked and the mast telescopes up to about 25 feet and has about an 800lbs rating for each. Very wobbly ( especially when your truly had to shimmy up to fix a light!) but I see they used guy wires for support.

I did ask my buddy if he needed to elevate his antenna array as well but again he did not answer. I'll still ask him to drop some hints anyway!

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