Red Flag oct-Nov 2007

Message posted by neonsky on November 14, 2007 at 19:45:55 PST:

Hi All,

I have just uploaded 114 photos from the Oct-Nov
Red Flag exercise. These are not “runway” type pics,
but a relatively true picture of what you would see if
you were with me, Joerg, Hank, or anyone else who
visits Rachel, NV, regularly.

Many of my photos are wide angle or extreme telephoto
pushing my 80-400 zoom Nikon lens to the limit. Thanks
to the IS feature of the lens, most shots are pretty decent as no tripods was used.

My intent is to present to those viewers who may never
experience a real time Red Flag, to somewhat savor the
flavor of what we experience, i.e., the ear splitting roar of a jet passing a few hundred feet over your head at 300+ MPH, sonic booms that rattle your bones, and dueling aircraft in the fight of their lives.

Although the camera can only portray a reasonable slimily of what is going on, it is the best I can do in bringing you to Red Flag as it unfolds over Rachel, Coyote Summit, and Cedar Pipeline Ranch.

I hope you enjoy.

Go to my Web Shots url below to view photos.


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