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Message posted by lloyd.armbrust on November 14, 2007 at 8:01:54 PST:

And about this UFO business.

I don't believe that aliens exist. I don't think there is any hard evidence to support alien existence. And if they did exist, they wouldn't come billions of miles to be held captive at Area 51 . . . the concept is ridiculous, and I understand why people who value research hate the idea of Aliens.

That being said, UFOs have little to do with aliens. I understand that people mistakenly connect UFOs with aliens, but that mistake doesn't make it true. UFOs are Unidentified Flying Objects. Are there unidentified flying objects at Area 51? I'd say that's why they tested the blackbird and the F-117, etc, at the base: because the aircraft were secret, and hence unidentified. Therefore, yes, people do go to Area 51 to see these things. And the point of our site is to help them find their way there.

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