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Message posted by lloyd.armbrust on November 14, 2007 at 7:49:32 PST:

I'm not sure what you mean by fluff--though I can tell you guys are really stuck on this tag line thing. If you really think it is that horrible, than please, tell me what tag you think would work, and we'll change it to that. Obviously you know my site better than I do.

As for the criticism, I really do welcome it, but I welcome specific constructive criticism--that is, criticism that will improve things.

For example, I read that scanners listened for R-4808--while I may have listened to air traffic over Area 51, I live in Nebraska and could not possibly know as much as you guys. That's why I had Joerg watch the video, and he didn't say anything about this. But if you explain how it is wrong, I will change the video.

And about the audio: while we should have at least used something like a Sennheiser ME-66 super-cardioid to record the audio, but it was a lot easier to use my wifes USB chat headset to quickly record the voice over. Any audio anomalies that you hear are likely related to that.

The bottom line with this video, is that we spent all of 3 hours putting it together. To be honest, the reason we even made the whole thing was the shear volume of incorrect information on the internet and especially YouTube. One video in particular where a guy thought that the land in front of the warning signs was illegal was particularly bad. Our goal is simple: to help people find the places around Area that they want to visit. And also, to help them avoid stupid mistakes.

All that being said, any specific corrections to the video or site are glad welcomed.

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