Border discrepancies have changed

Message posted by JB737 on October 30, 2007 at 17:13:08 PST:

While starting to work on the Old Corn Rd problem, I have now found that my favorite online government maps of the border have been updated with significant changes!

There are still vestiges of the "sawtooth" discrepancy (where the border had previously been shown as not exactly matching the township borders), but only within the land-grab parcels for White Sides and Freedom Ridge.

Elsewhere, including between those two (and hence at the signs on GLR) the map now shows it as BLM land right up to the township border. Everything is getting to be more simple and rectangular, and more accurately matching the posted/defended border.

Access to the maps has become more difficult, with only a fraction of the sites I visited months ago still having the right layers available. In case this was intentional, I'm not going to hasten the shutdown of public access by publishing the best remaining path to least until I finish gathering up coordinates and screenshots of it all.



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