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Message posted by George on October 26, 2007 at 6:00:18 PST:

Try this link. Not sure what you mean by camping. Campsites with utilities, or RVs, or just roughing it with tents. I spent the night this summer with my kids on Coyote Summit in a travel trailer. Great fun! We ran into Joerg and watched the jet jockeys in the evening and after dark, then sat outside and watch Signs dvd wearing our aluminum hats. Yes, we like to go a little crazy on vacation. Apparently, there was a midnight run right in front of our campsite and we didn't even know it until surfing the web a few weeks later. I remember thinking of the odd behaviors- a couple stopping on the highway to pound a stake in the ground and wrap it with yellow tape, and the man dropping of a porta-toilet about 9:30 at night. Lol..makes sense now.
Be sure to take warm clothes, your camera, and telescope and/or binoculars. The night sky in wild Nevada is like none other- absolutely beautiful. Check out the maps and distances you will travel and calculate your range based on fuel mileage for your vehicles. My pickup hauling that camper had greatly reduced mileage; I had planned to continue past Rachel and then north, but not KNOWING I could make it to the next diesel fuel station in Ely; I back tracked to Ash Springs and continued north on 93.
Have a great trip!

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