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Message posted by Lumpy on October 23, 2007 at 22:28:32 PST:

" ...Maybe comms to the guard shack are good enough that they can replace flown-in contractor guards with desk-work on-base military folks doing their normal jobs there, ready to respond when the camera sees something. It doesn't matter if their laptop is hooked up in the guard shack, or on the base, or in Colorado Springs or other bases: the same work can get done..."

Guards, policemen, deputies...that patrol a given area typically ENJOY the aspect of being out patrolling. They don't want a desk job.

One of the things that happens when you're a patrolman is that you learn every square millimeter of your area. You learn where the animals live, where the people live, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. You are more protective of your jurisdiction when you stay there for an extended period.

Knowing that it's one of US at the border, camping, is an important aspect of what the cammos do. They know Joerg's car, Hank's car, Steve Medlin's car etc. They know they aren't there to violate the line. And they know that if one of us saw something wrong we would somehow get word through the S.O. that there was a problem. My understanding is that Medlin has an HT with which he can comm with the cammos in case he violates a sensor to retrieve a steer.

I was a rural deputy for a long time. I covered hundreds of square miles. My nearest backup might be 30 minutes away if they drove code 3 to reach me. It was important for me to know "who was who".

Rotating cammos in and out from other bases, or putting them in a booth with a monitor, does not foster that personal attention and protective feeling.


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