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Message posted by Hank on October 15, 2007 at 18:08:32 PST:

It seems that Mesa and Scottsdale are both getting weekend visitors. The FBO at Williams tells me that it happens almost every weekend. They says the Harriers are TDY out of Yuma. The F15s/16s are usually from Luke or other bases in the southwest including klsv. The reason they are using civilian airports are for gas and goes. It seems that they are using the Goldwater Ranges for extra training on Saturday and Sunday. As you know as a normal course of business most Airforce Bases close Friday afternoon and dont open till Monday morning. They have minimal support personnel on weekends so they made a deal with these other airports to use their FBOs for fuel. They are usually there for an hour or so while they fuel the aircraft and then their gone. On occasion their are some cargo planes parked there that they say have been retrofitted to be used as reunion flight to take illegals back to Mexico. Ive seen some vans parked there with ICE markings on them so it may be true.
Hope this helps

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