USAF Museum - constant peg lecture

Message posted by psiuh88 on October 12, 2007 at 19:33:07 PST:

during my last stop at the AF Museum in dayton I saw they had a lecture on constant peg earlier this year.
they now have their lectures available for podcast download - maybe some here would be interested in it.

They moved the D-21 out earlier this year (to the R+D hangar display area - need to take a shuttle bus to get there). they also had an interesting looking warhead, maybe an ABM interceptor nose/warhead in their missile section a few years ago. It was sitting on a four wheel cart like you see at home depot or sam's club, with an old mattress for padding. It was about 8-10' long, maybe 2' diameter at the base, and had a nuclear hazard tag tied on the nose. it was never on official display - just sitting out of the way, and has been gone for several years. it was in very good condition so clearly didn't need refurbishing.
they also have the bird of prey there - even though I've seen it now 4-6 times on various visits, it still amazes me.
I'll have to make a point of going to the R+D hangar next time I can stop by there.


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