Re: Watching them watch us

Message posted by Chuck Clark on October 11, 2007 at 17:18:38 PST:

One of the 26 road entrances to Area 51 that I've documented is located on top of Hawkeye Hill. It is one of a few that are only accessible by vehicles coming from inside the line. They all seem to be roads used by security personnel to access good viewpoints a short distance outside the line to spy on those of us trying to spy on them.

I believe that I first heard the name "Hawkeye Hill" used by an Area 51 worker who will remain unidentified - that should give them a few hours of head scratching, trying to figure out who I'm speaking of.

To repeat Joerg's warning - do not try to climb the hill if you don't know where the line is - it does a 90 degree turn near the top of the hill, and it is easy to inadvertently cross the line there.

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