Re: New Area 51 sat image on Google Earth

Message posted by J356 on October 05, 2007 at 14:17:42 PST:

Could they have simply been washing something?

Right, I would have to agree now that they were redoing the north ramp, the piece of equipment on the dirt appears to be a grader, about the right size.

The baseball diamond appears to taken care of in this image, the sand raked and the grass looks greener then I have seen it before.

Is there a way to estimate the time of day? There are two Janet 737 on the ramp with one of the smaller Janets.

Both of the DYCOMS dishes are in use, along with being able to see a smaller dish pointed in the same direction, in the middle of the big dishes.

Hank said that he has seen lots of equipment going into the gates. maybe if we could get the names of some this equipment we could estimate the location it is working at or what it may be doing.


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