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Message posted by psiuh88 on October 03, 2007 at 18:02:01 PST:

So several years ago Lockheed offered to build a navalized version of the F-117 (B model it was theorized from what I saw written), can anyone with certainty say that the US Navy has not ever operated even a limited number (small production lot, like maybe under 12 planes or so) of any stealthy attack aircraft? We all have probably heard of the A-12 flying dorito that was canceled years ago, so I would exclude that one.
But what if they had a small lot built by MD for example, out of their phantom works, and kept hidden away from plain site and only deployed on special missions or hot region deployments? It seems like carriers have lots of media people on board, but there is no doubt ways of controlling their access and range on the hangar and flight deck if they were to bring the planes out for flight operations.
Maybe it goes against reason and practicality to have a naval stealth attack plane since an aircraft carrier and its battle and support group is not so hard to miss by at least any moderately advanced militaries?

The other thing, not USN related, but israeli AF related, is that why couldn't their small indigenous aircraft manufacturing produce a small lot of stealth attack planes similar to the F-117? Could they have something like this now. I don't see why not, as far as building a small lot of planes goes. with such widespread supercomputers available, and general knowledge of what is trying to be accomplished in the design by deflecting radar energy, and absorbing some with coatings that they should be abel to produce too, I just have the suspicion that they IAF may have a small squadron (2-6 planes) of a stealth attack type. it would be in their best interest to have a few.

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