Re: Arresting Gear?

Message posted by OldThudMan~!!~ on October 03, 2007 at 16:09:38 PST:

In the early 60's the USAF added arresting hooks to the jets and arresting lines at the end of runways ends.......Basicly to keep the big old 105's, etc. from going off the runway because of brake failure, or drag chute failure........also in some cases they may have added a "catch" barrier....Looks similar to a very big Badminton net, it is much like those used on aircraft carriers as early as WW2(IIRC)..........Civilian airports have tried other methods such as large sections of collapsing concrete at the end of runways and/or overrun areas.
Running off the end of the runways and shearing off the landing gear can get very expensive to repair. If it can be repaired at all.

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