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We actually can monitor toxic waste mitigation at Area 51 to some degree.

The lawsuit in the 1990s pointed out that mterials wer being burned and buried in trenches near the main base area, and the recent lawsuit has adressed the issue of spilled fuel, oil, and deicing fluid on the aircraft parking ramps. The presidential determination stating that the base is exempt from revealing any information about such materials or operations makes many people believe that abuses continue unchecked at Groom Lake, but this is not true.

If we study all of the satellite images of the base that have been taken since the mid-1990s, we can see that the burn/burial trench area has been cleaned up. The new landfill is at the extreme southern end of the base, far from the populated areas. Aircraft parking areas have been systematically excavated and replaced with new concrete. Security concerns prevent Air Force officials from bragging about this clean-up effort.

As for the history of nuclear testing and its effects on Groom Lake, check out this article:

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