Trip To Groom Lake

Message posted by Jason on October 02, 2007 at 6:19:18 PST:

Hi All, first time poster, been a reader for some time now.

A short time back, my wife and I went to Vegas, and I was able to convince her we should go check out Area 51. So, being the rediculous tourist that I am, I signed up for a tour. All in all it was a great time, the tour aspect allowed us to see other things we'd normaly never check out on our own (i.e. dry lake bed), and having never been in a desert, I figured my first time should be chaperoned! But somethings been bothering me about our trip.

As we traveled down Groom Lake Road and neared the "no crossing" point, one of the security pickups was sitting on a nearby hilltop. As we were driving down the road, it flashed its lights at us. It stayed there the whole time we were in the area, and as long as I was able to see that spot they were parked at, it was there.

Is this normal? Do the guards actually come out and check on visitors, and even go so far as to annouce their presence? I found it odd, though I suppose not totally out of the realm of possibility. Anyhow, any feedback would be appreciated, just curious as to how authentic my "tour" was!


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