Roadrunners Reunion

Message posted by Joe on October 01, 2007 at 20:32:28 PST:

Was in Vegas for another conference this past weekend, and thanks to the message here, decided to stay for an extra day or two to see the Roadrunner's reunion -- and especially the "CIA store."

Dropped by the Gold Coast (just west of the Rio), and found them in Salon A.

Two stores: one selling RoadRunner's stuff, and the other, the for-real CIA store from Langley. The lady running it told me that they had never sold stuff in a public area before, the store at CIA headquarters is NOT open to the public (although she also shared that Ben Afleck bought $15,000 worth of stuff), and that no, I could NOT take a picture of her or her "store" (a couple of tables along the wall just inside the door of the photo I'll either send Joerg or upload to the photos page or something).

They are all off on a tour of the test site tomorrow. More meetings and the store reopens on Wednesday, and Thursday until noon (she thinks).

I'll be in Vegas another day or two. Then plan to visit the A Le Inn and maybe spend a night in my RV just off 375 on the way home (to Park City).

THANKS for the post about the reunion and the CIA store. Called a friend who used to be a pentagon briefing officer (among other interesting things). Read some of the posters on the wall, described some of the CIA store items for sale, heard lots of laughter from him, and some surprised comments along the lines of "I didn't realize that had been declassified," and the like. I believe I got him the perfect Christmas present or two.

Also visited the Atomic Testing Museum today. Their reading room now has 100 hours of declassified motion pictures available for viewing.



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