Re: trip to A51 in a fortnight

Message posted by Gregos on October 01, 2007 at 19:08:33 PST:

Obviously, you have never heard that America's best off road vehicle is in fact -the rental car! lol!

Don't sweat Groom Lake Road, you'll be fine even in a mini.

You don't need to spend your extra quid on a SatNav, stop off at the Chevron (BP to you) in Alamo, NV and get a free Map of Nevada courtesy of the Department of Transportation! You can even get it online in .pdf format.

I only got stuck out there once doing something really stupid (driving across a wadi in a 2x vehicle) The tow truck from the same Chevron came and saved our bacon. He would have written it off on AAA had we had it... And Joerg is right, stay put. Many people stopped to see if they could help including the NV Highway Patrol.

Use common sense and you will have a blast!

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