Strange Activity

Message posted by Mark on September 27, 2007 at 20:57:42 PST:

New here with a question. About one month ago my wife and I were outside late in the evening. Something caught my attention in the north east sky. I saw three very bright strobe lights in the shape of a triangle. There was no noise whatsoever. a couple minutes after the first lights past over there was a second group. I pretty much kissed it off because of the distance and I could only tell that they were going from east to west. Last night the same type of lights passed directly over my house and the noise was very loud and lasted long after the lights had past over and were a good distance away to the west. A few minutes ago I was outside and the same thing again, directly over the house. All I can really say is that this thing or things can really move fast. The direction that they are coming from would place them roughly in the desert so I was wondering if there has been any activity recently that anyone has noticed. They could be coming from Groom, Edwards or who knows where. I would definetely say that they are military.


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