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Message posted by CoyoteUgly on September 25, 2007 at 3:11:35 PST:

Seeing this stuff from the horse's (i.e. Kelly Johnson's) mouth is quite wonderful from a historical buff's viewpoint.

I'm sure Peter Merlin has had better access than most of us, but until now, most of the information made public has predominently been hearsay or anecdotal, so it's great to hear (or read) from the great man himself.

I also found the 1972 document recommending the A-12 fleet be regenerated to complement the USAF's SR-71s, and what would have been involved in doing so.

What remains amazing is the insistance of the CIA, 40 years later, in blocking out any references to Area 51/Watertown/The Ranch etc, when it is just now so commonly known that the aircraft were tested and based there.

CU (aka Magoo)

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