Re: Recently release A-12 documents

Message posted by NoOne on September 23, 2007 at 20:19:40 PST:

>See attached link for some recently release
>documents of the A-12 program

And in the same link:

The “Oxcart Facts” document contains the first, I believe, ever mention of:

. System VI - Wideband Crystal Video Elint Receiver and Recorder
. Bluedog - Missle Guidance Jammer
. Pin Peg - Threat Warning
. Big Blast - Barrage Noise Jammer
. Mad Moth - Deceptive Jammer
. System 13C mod D - Improved Mad Moth
. System 17 L/W

And the “Analysis of Surface to Air Missile Engagements” document (a few pages down) describes just how the above actually worked.

Interesting. No?

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