Fossett search cancelled

Message posted by Joe on September 21, 2007 at 17:08:36 PST:

Some interesting theories from the London Times. For the full article, see:

>>The sixth (crash site) was dated to 1961 – three years before Mr Ogle, a multimillionaire land investor, disappeared. “We’re very sorry, but we believe now that Mr Ogle’s plane was not among the ones we’ve found,” said Major Ed Locke of the National Guard.

Conspiracy theories

Internet explanations for Fossett’s disappearance include:

— He was shot down by the US Air Force for straying too close to “Area 51” in Nevada where the Pentagon tests new aircraft

— He is not missing at all, but being used by the US Air Force as a cover story. While pretending to look for him, the military has actually been searching for a missing nuclear weapon

— He has been abducted to test-fly a UFO


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