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Hi All,

I have just posted my photos from the Fire Power (Capstone)demo near Creech AFB just NW of Las Vegas Nevada. All photos were taken just off the main highway US95, and about 3 miles from Point Bravo, the official viewing area, and about five miles from where most of the action occured.

I surmise that many viewers have never been to this area, so many of my shots will hopefully give you an idea how vast this area is, keeping in mind that it is only a small snipet of the entire Nellis Combat Range.

I was using a NIKON D-70, hand held, with an 80-400 VR zoom lens. Exposures ranged from 1/500 to 1/2000 of a second and I think I just about ran through all
the focal ranges that the lens could give me. The weather conditions were extremely windy at the time, making it difficult for action picture taking.

I'd like to thank Peter for his good eyesight. He was using IS binoculars and was great at spotting the aircraft coming in, allowing me to get some real good shots.

I think I'll also take a note out of Lone Wolf's play book and get me a mono pod. And thanks for the company guys.

I hope the viewers enjoy my photos as much as I did taking them and experiencing the action and excitement
just being there.

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