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Message posted by Danny Sullivan on September 16, 2007 at 16:17:35 PST:

In regards to my pictures being bugs, they are not. It is true that insects do get exposed on the film. It is a real hassel and creates many false bogies that need to be sorted out from the real images. Reviewing the video is very tedious and time consuming. As one does research, one developes more skill and is able to descern false images from real images. As for insects, they can never be brought into any kind of focus or resolution. This is because they are tiny, distant from the lense, and the sun shining off of their wings is very brite. False images are also caused by birds, aircraft, and debis that has been sucked up into the sky by the wind. As I said before, sorting the real unknown images from the junk is very tedious. It's great work for those late nights when I can't sleep. As with all photography, you have to shoot and review miles of film to get a couple of great images. That's the way it goes! Thanks for your feedback, Danny.

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