New Hangar/BWB Project

Message posted by Viper on September 15, 2007 at 11:48:23 PST:

Hello everyone,

Just a couple of thoughts lingering in my head about the new hangar they are constructing. Has anyone Considered the fact that the Larger hangar could be for the new BWB (Blended Wing Body) aircraft or the Aerospace plane?

I remember reading or seeing on Television that they have flown a smaller scale of the BWB From Edwards and they flew it successfully. The Blended wing Body in full scale is to be approxamately the same size as this hangar at Area 51. The Aerospace plane was flown in smaller scale for testing. Blended Wing Body BWB BWB BWB Research BWB Pics and Links (Flown models here

It seems to me that this would be the ideal hangar to keep the BWB Project away from prying eyes? Any thoughts?



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