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Message posted by Danny Sullivan on September 15, 2007 at 9:28:41 PST:


I have captured many unknown and known images of hypersonic and non-conventional craft over the years. I have posted them for viewing on my website,

On the home page, click on The Reality Pages link. The SOCAL RCS Secret Base Images were taken using the
FREE Google Earth Satillite. Be advised that most o the cool alleged sites (Achuleta Mesa/Dulce) have been purposly obscurred to close up high resolution zoom. These SOCAL Bases have not been. So, here they are. There are some very interesting features visible at these bases.

Of coarse, all images are subject to interpitation. I have done my best to put forth undoctored real images as I capture them or gain access to them.

Thanks and let me know your thoughts, Danny

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