Jusat got back from the firepower demonstration

Message posted by Peter A. Forkes on September 14, 2007 at 15:45:13 PST:

I just got back from the Firepower Demonstration. Since it was only about 20 miles up I-95, for me, it took less than 30 minutes to get there.

I met up with Lonewolf and 10:45 (he'd have been there about 45 minutes by the time I got there) and we heard, on the scanner that they were flying F117s - both he and I thoght that they had already been taken out of service.

The mesa was bout 2 miles south of the official viewing area, for the dignitaries and about 7 miles south of Indian Springs.

It started arounf 13:15 and (in no particular order) we saw:

various F15s in dog fights, dropping lots of flares.
2 F117 Nighthawks.
1 B-2 Spirit, cluster bombing.
4 A-10s, is a display with 2 helicopters doing a mock rescue.
2 B1 Lancers, dropping LOTs of flairs.
2 B-52 Stratofortresses, cluster bombing.
2 F22 raptors.
An Lockhead AC-130 firing it howitzer AND dropping LOTs of flares.

It total it lasted for about an hour. Maybe there were 20 cars parked on the mesa where Lonewolf and I were, so maybe about 30 people in all, plus the german tourists who happened to be passing and thought that this was a regular thing.

Lonewoolf should have some REAL cools photos, with his 400mm lens.


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