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<< Michael Dornheim wrote a small piece in the
AW&ST Industry Outlook section (14 May 2001):

"The U.S. Air Force' YF-113G aircraft has been identified as a 1970s stealth testbed and as a MiG-23, but both of these are wrong, according to an
observer and some USAF documentation. The YF-113G was a 'classified prototype' that was brought from 'design to first flight' in a 'classified flight test squadron' in the 1993-96 time frame. The statement that the YF-113G was a prototype that went from design to first flight rules out the MiG-23 explanation, though the confusion is understandable as USAF MiGs do
go by other YF-112 and YF-113 designations, such as the YF-113B and YF-113E.

It's not clear which company built the YF-113G, but it was probably not Lockheed. The aircraft was manned."
I'm not sure why they rule out Lockheed, although there is some circumstantial evidence to back that up. I have met one of the pilots who flew the aircraft, but he didn't give me any details beyond what we already know.

Peter Merlin >>


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