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Not sure how familiar you are with the area so heres how some people do it. Go north on route 95 towards Reno. Its a divided 4 lane highway and easy cruise control diving. Approximately 35 miles from downtown Las Vegas you will see a prison on a hill on your left hand side.(west side)Look to your right and you will see what looks like a dry lake bed. Thats where the action takes place. There are little plateaus where you can pull off into the desert at that point. Its passenger car safe. The action will take place about 2 or 3 miles in front of you. If you prefer a wider view their is a road on your left that will take you up towards the prison. Their is plenty of parking off that road. After the show you might want to continue about 5 miles farther north to Indian Springs the home of Creech Airforce Base. This is the home of the Predator and they are easily visible from the highway.
As an aside this exercise takes place in the middle of the desert. Their is no shade and it will be 100 degrees so you may want to pack some liquids and ice. The town of Indian Springs has a convenience store and a gas station. Hope this helps. If you have any further questions please feel free to email me or post them to the forum. Take a big memory card and have a great time.

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