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Hello Nohr and welcome,

In any government there are always ways to shuffle funds around. The term "company" in the US usually refers to the CIA. By funding research through different agencies it can obfuscate who the final user may be and can make finding out that the "research or contract" even exists.

You have to remember that agencies like the NSA which has
no official charter and was created by a secret presidential order don't exactly have a "budget". And then there is the NRO, a few years back a congressman who was driving to work in D.C. noticed a very large building going up. I think it had construction signs stating it was a government project. This congressman could not remember any such appropriations for a building this large in the D.C. area.
He had his staff look into it and they found out it was
a new facility for the NRO, cost was like 200 milion or more and the money came basiclly from a hidden slush fund, the NRO just went ahead and built it.

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