YF-113G.....my guess....

Message posted by Paul Reinman on July 07, 2001 at 17:06:58 PST:

Here's my guess at putting tidbits together...

1)Last year it was speculated before the election that a "new" plane was to be revealed. It was not.

2)A 1.5 scale F-117 was proposed many years ago....see the ATA/B on this page...http://www.f117a.com (Go to the delevopement page at this site)

3)the YF-113G designation has been floated around in many circles recently

4) several independent sources have seen a "large" F-117 in the Groom area (during the day)

It is my contention that the level of security has been reduced on a YF-113G and it will later be shown to be a 1.5 scale F-117......

Any comments?



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