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Message posted by NoOne on August 26, 2007 at 23:59:12 PST:

I’ve got a firewall that warns me about outbound tcp/ip activity. After visiting the Carson Times article I ended up with serving-sys.com and bs.serving-system.com cookies (plus others). serving-sys.com wants to send tracking info back when shutting down the browser. Some claim serving-sys isn’t “spy ware” but it's very persistent, collects data for the entire browser session and besides I just don’t like snoops..

Using FireFox I blocked the specific cookies. Only to discover FireFox was still being asked to phone home by serving-sys. Discovered JavaScript to be the culprit – RGJ (Carson Times) have a JavaScript that installs all the serving-sys junk and also wants to send you off to bloglines.com.

Globally disabling JavaScript prevents access to banking sites and to hotmail. Discovered a nice FireFox add-on, called NoScript, that allows selectively enabling/disabling JavaScript based upon the site one is visiting. Needless to say I’ve blocked JavaScripts from RGJ.com (Carson Times)

Thought you might like to know-


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