Message posted by SecretServices on July 04, 2001 at 17:10:38 PST:

Just wanted to add a little information to the Swiss Mountain Bats alleged sighting of a new test aircraft. The Groom controllers give out traffic calls and aircraft info to other birds by using designators such as "FASTMOVER", "CARGO", "SLOWMOVER". At most bases a traffic call will specify the aircraft, as in...."RAPTOR 95 you are cleared for takeoff, Runway 22, contact departure on 343.7, traffic is a F-16 just departed runway 22, will be remaining in the pattern". At Groom they would say....."LIME 32 you are cleared for takeoff on runway 32, contact departure, traffic is a "FASTMOVER" remaining in the pattern". So......just because they heard the word itself it does not prove that the aircraft was not anything but a normal bird. I would love to see some sort of photo or video to prove me wrong if it can be produced.


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