Message posted by Peter Merlin on August 20, 2007 at 20:34:38 PST:

I agree with Hank that this forum is not for advertising, but I think we left that part of the thread long ago.

Things started to go bad when "BUD ST GEORGE UT" raised a valid question in an extremely undiplomatic way. As a disinterested third party, I tried to answer BUD's question. I was happy to come to the defense of "habu-e6" because it was obvious to me that he was not misrepresenting his items. Also, while it was against policy for him to advertise his wares, I believe his heart was in the right place (i.e. wanting to share an opportunity for Blackbird fans to own a piece of their favorite aircraft).

When "mrmoose" made a snide comment about the SR-71 in the Smithsonian, I again felt compelled to come to habu's defense. Moose was obviously unaware that parts were routinely removed and discarded during routine maintenance.

The subsequent rampage of violent moose attacks against habu was truly uncalled for. There was no reason to make accusations against habu. While I might have hoped habu would have responded less vehemently, I don't really blame him. He had every reason to be angry. The moose was clearly loose.

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