Re: SR-71 Titanium Beta 120/Ti-13V-11Cr-3Al

Message posted by habu-e6 on August 19, 2007 at 21:17:46 PST:

Mr Moose,
I hope most of its there but am sure not all, But while it was on active duty flying top secrect missions, parts wear out and parts get replaced. These are the parts that were replaced by new ones. Just like the thousands of other parts on the Blackbirds that wear out, get repaired or replaced. You surly can't believe that 972 is sitting at Dulles with every part that was originally put on it. Your very welcome to email me for photo proof of authenticity, as far the items coming off this particular aircraft, it can only be assumed that the tail numbers that are written on them was done at some time by the crew chiefs or back shop personnel in order to identify them to the aircraft. Anyone who has worked on jets knows this is commom practice. There are 5 different tail numbers marked on these parts they are 958, 960, 972, 974, and 980. As far as how I obtained these items, you will just have to email me. If your intrested in obtaining some of these parts and not just pieces, By comparasion they are quite inexpensive, they are $2200. per assembly, thats one complete titanium part and its opposing nickel alloy part. If your not that serious of a collector then you can request a specific size and or type. Price depends on factors like- ID parts numbers, QA stamps, Dates, if you want the original condition with paint and exaust soot, or cleaned and polished, artwork designs, whatever you like. Also there is a money back guarantee,

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