Message posted by Hank on August 16, 2007 at 10:40:08 PST:

As this subject comes up every once in a while maybe its time for a little clarification. This is not a free flowing AOL public chat room where anything goes. This website is owned,operated,and financed by the Webmaster. This gives him the right to to state the mission and set the agenda. It is clearly stated what is acceptable and what is not. (An example is that we are not a UFO site which is stated on the homepage and on the sign in page) If someone insists on posting such off topic subjects they will receive a private Email asking them to cease. If they continue they will be banned from access to the site. Most of the banning is done not for being OT but being disruptive and using profanity. There have been over two and a quarter million visitors to the site and only 34 people banned or had their posts taken down from the forum. The majority of these were for trying to incorporate the F word into the Chat or Forum.
Some come to the site and are disappointed that it is not what they expected. The majority of them leave but some stay and try to mold it to their expectations, or be disruptive. Sometimes the regular posters are the best moderators. Their is not much that you can put by the regulars and not get called on it. Some of them have been to the area and some have not. The amount of good info that both of these groups have is immeasurable, and in most cases they have no problem sharing it. The mission of this site is very specific so trying to mold it to an individuals expectations probably isnt going to get very far. If you want to talk about fishing dont go to a site that specializes in hunting. As of this morning a Google search of Area 51 would bring up 186,000,000 pages. Iam sure that their is a site out there that would fit anyones interests in this area. We dont intentionally run anyone off. As long as the subject refers to Area 51,Groom,the NTS,TTR and travel to the surrounding areas we are good. As this site is viewed by many women and children profanity in any manner will not be tolerated.Thanks for your understanding.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at or post them to the Forum


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