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sorry missed some. Here it is.
Squadron needs
For the exercise the JaboG 31 " Boelke" already 44 containers brought with approximately 200 tons of freight on the way. Some containers were only opened after the return by the last exercise (Noble Award) in Denmark, locked examined for completeness and again. To be transported everything must which is necessary, in order to be able to ensure the safe flying operation. In addition also special vehicles belong to arming the fighter-bombers. In addition, oil rags and spare engines were shipped packed and. Thus the deployment capability of the squadron is trained at the same time and examined. Up to the beginning of the exercise additionally still three Transall with about in each case six tons freight will fly over the Atlantic.


If a squadron moves (source Air Force) Holloman as stopover
At the end of of May the first four Tornadoes were already moved into the USA. Further four machines followed on 3 August. With the aeronautical training center of the Air Force on the Holloman airbase in new Mexico, already a preparation for the exercise finds talks flag. The eight fighter-bombers will then arrive on 17 August on the Nellis air Force base. The redeployment is intended starting from 1 September.


Also special vehicles must with (source Air Force) technician, crew and support personnel
Altogether 230 soldiers and civilians of the JaboG take 31 " Boelke" at the exercise part. Moved in several contingents the personnel after Nevada and also again back. Thus will the first members of the squadron already on 10 August in read Vegas to arrive, in order to prepare the admission of the material, the airplanes and the personnel. The main command will on 15 August in read Vegas to arrive and on 2 September again leave.



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