Rachel Visit Saturday 7/28 Report

Message posted by Paul K Eversman on August 02, 2007 at 11:00:39 PST:

Well, I finally made it out there Saturday. What a ride. 350 miles from Pahrump where I was staying. It was overcast that night so no sightings. I did drive to the mailbox and down Groom Rd. to the entrance at dusk. Saw the cammo dudes sitting at the right hilltop, the detector at the left hilltop. To finally see this in person, just before dark, alone, was quite intimidating although I knew I was safe behind the signs. Took a few pictures and turned around. Spentg a few hours sitting along Groom Rd and Coyote Summit then back to the Little Ale' Inn where they were very nice (love the stickers on the cooler behind the bar!). Spent the night there, watched some video's from the evidence room, dropped $80 on souveneirs and then on to LV before coming home Tuesday. What beautiful open country. Miles and miles of wide open space. Never will one experience such quiet. Just the wind and the sound of your heart beating. Breathtaking. I was thinking of renting an RV next trip out as I saw someone with one camped out along Groom Rd. 10 miles to a gallon will end up costing a fortune.


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