Re: Something in my Area 51 photograph

Message posted by psiuh88 on July 31, 2007 at 18:56:47 PST:

I would also say most definitely a bug/insect, and more specifically some type of dragonfly, but cannot say the exact variant (c or e model - just kidding).

if its a helo, the there is no horizontal stabilizer on it, as just about every US copter has (that I know of). I can also just barely make out the overlapping wingset typical of dragonflies.

or maybe it is one of those new bug sized remote sensing drones the cia is working on? I saw a story on it a few days ago but cannot find the link. it looked like a miniature type of the RC "bird" models with the small flapping wings made of some clear light-weight film. looked like it was only an inch or two long.

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