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Message posted by Lumpy on July 30, 2007 at 23:54:29 PST:

Will wrote:
> "...I sometimes wonder if intentional deception is part of the equation..."

We read not long ago exactly that from a USAF
spokesman. Of course deception is part of the

I'm perfectly fine with the idea that they've
built a berm or whatever measures to keep prying
eyes from seeing what's in the works.

If this stuff was all out in the open for everyone
to see, it would be like looking in at Nellis AFB
through the chain link. They could give air shows
at Groom. That would ruin the concept of it being a
test base for extreme top secret stuff.

I doubt that they're too concerned that the members
of this list are watching or even that we've
comissioned a new sat photo. We are obviously not
the enemy. But it keeps them on their toes in terms
of what an enemy COULD do.

The kids that want to violate the border aren't a
threat. DLR members aren't a threat. But there
certainly are threats out there. I'm betting they're
happy to hear if we were to point out a possible
flaw in their security.

#1 rule of any sheriff...Deputize the bad guys
first. They know where the crime is taking place.

Sgt Lumpy

In Your Ears for 40 Years

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