New hangar sight lines

Message posted by Tom on July 30, 2007 at 19:02:18 PST:

Lots of interesting things to see on the new sat pic (thanks Joerg!). Now I know engineers are very linearly thinking creatures who would never place a building tilted off a cardinal compass point unless they had a good reason. So the question is why? Then there's the curious fact that the berm isn't symmetrically placed in reference to the hangar either. It sure looks like a screening effort, but is it?

I drew a sight line from the NW corner of the hangar through the northerly edge of the berm, and extended it east and got a bearing of 67 degrees (at least to the limit of my scaling...close enough to meaure government work). Then I drew a second sight line from the SW corner of the hangar through the southerly end of the berm, and got a bearing of 82 degrees. Finally I pulled the lat/long of the new hangar's location off of Google Earth, and put it into Delorme Topo, and drew the two sight lines easterly from the hangar point. The link below is an edited screen capture which shows this graphically.

Well, well, well....Looks like SOMEBODY is very deliberately trying to spoil our fun! Tikaboo Peak is almost centered in the cone of restricted visibility. It looks like it also takes in the other potential viewing points in the area. Nicely done! So it looks like the neighbors finally got drapes. Darn.....

Attached link: New hangar sight line graphic


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