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I think this really ends up depending on whom you ask. Certainly the claims of Bob Lazar began a worldwide probe into the topic, and in turn, spawned others to come forward with their experiences in regards to strange lights that didn't appear to be terrestrial zipping around in the skies above and around Dreamland. My personal opinion? My common sense factor coupled with plain logic and the available proof, or lack thereof, lead me to a conclusion of no. However, and I'm not speaking for anyone else here, many people that frequent this board and have great respect have said many times over that they believe there to be an alien presence out at the Groom Lake facility. The whole thing doesn't even really begin with Lazar though, you have to go back further. John Lear was the first to speak out publicly on the topic with his beliefs of aliens at the base in the mid/late 70's. Lear said that Groom Lake was closed for about a year sometime between 1972 and 1974 to construct a cavernous underground facility with help from the EBE's at the base. Also, check out the story of David Adair, a child prodigy in physics, whom claims to have worked on and physically had contact with a UFO and it's advanced Symbiotic engine while visiting Groom Lake in 1971. I've provided a link below that will take you to an interview with Adair that chronicles his experiences.

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