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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on July 28, 2007 at 4:42:59 PST:

Your thoughts and questions are expressed very well! As one of the longest lived members of DLR, I thoroughly appreciate your tone. The Base has gone from a smaller and probably controlled by the DIA/NRO/NSA/CIA to an Auxiliary Field run by the U.S.A.F. that has and is growing steadily for the past few years. Since the U.S.A.F. doesn't have the funds to construct anything but the most mission-essential stuff, whatever they are building at A51 is DIRECTLY related to new weapons or recon platforms. What we are looking at is structures that confirm that we have at least a few airborne platforms that are top secret being either developed or entering the production/operational phase. as far as alien technology - there naver has been ANY verifiable evidence that PROVES that any alien or reverse technology equipment is, has or will be developed at A51. There has been many unverifible accounts, including some first person accounts, that has alleged witnessing various unusual events, but nothing has ever gotten verified. While I don't disbeleive all the stories, I do disbeleieve some of the most notable storytellers. Especially when their stories are interwoven with minor, verifiable facts, but the real punchline is that their stories can't be verified. If there are interstellar visitors then why in the past couple of decades, given the proliferation of video cameras, why there has been NO videos of more than lights in the sky? We have witness plane crashes, lightning strikes and Paris Hilton getting out of cars, but NO alien spacecraft. They were flying in daylight in the fifties and sixties all over the world, but now they are not? Also since the huge publicity and fame that would await anyone that could come forward with information about aliens on earth would be a hugely powerful incentive for those people, now geting out of governmental service to discuss what they know. Don't get me wrong, I hope we are not alone, but we don't get into that area here and we focus on the development of black projects at A51 that is being built from taxdollars NOT alien technology dug up from Roswell or anywhere else. Anyhow welcome to Dreamland resort!

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