Re: New Area 51 Satellite Image

Message posted by psiuh88 on July 26, 2007 at 19:47:38 PST:

looks to me like the other aircraft parked next to the F-16's may be an FA-18 (FA-18E maybe). I couldn't zoom, but it has about the right profile - the slanted back horizontal stabilators look like they belong to the F-18 family.
maybe the yellowing stuff around the old taxiway next to hangar 19 is acid residue from destroying old airframes - or maybe they do some chem-milling and fabrication out there on titanium and nickel parts for test prototypes? maybe they just dumped it on the concrete. some depleted acid residues/salts, mixed with the oxidized metal, has a yellowish color.

on the new big hangar construction, it looks to me like the doors will be NW/SE (along the long faces) - I recall someone else posting here that they could only see small doors on the side facing tikaboo. however, the building just doesn't look much larger than some of the other nearby ones, at least in terms of floorspace. Maybe this will house a heavy lift prototype jet like the ones shown in Boeing concept drawings. or maybe for the stealth blimp?

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