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Message posted by psiuh88 on July 22, 2007 at 12:50:39 PST:

if you really believe you can make it to area 51 by walking (or any other means) using the plan of "strength in numbers" in this era of jihadi terrorist attacks, and live to tell about it, you're an absolute idiot for even dreaming up the plan. you will all be mowed down with minigun fire from helos (or maybe something else cool like cluster bomb anitpersonel munitions fired from MLRS launchers). the only way you will end up inside area 51 will be dead on a gurney, chilling out in a freezer until they can haul your worthless carcass back to LV. my guess is they wouldn't leave you out in the desert - I'm sure they don't want too many vultures coming in to devour your lifeless corpse - too much risk of mid-airs.

I think the security people know the difference between a coyote or antelope and a fool. they have enough tools and sensors to see you a long way off. increasing numbers only makes their job easier to spot and apprehend you (or kill you en masse).

also, don't these same fools know that the military know when satellites will overfly the base? I think they know well enough when to pull stuff out on the apron or runway so no one gets a photo. and the commercial imaging satellites only take daytime photos. and if much of the base really is underground, some of our enemies (as well as the US govt) have satellites with ground penetrating radar - why would they share it with anyone else? I know of no commercial satellite imaging operations with that capability.

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