Re: cell phone operability on Tikaboo

Message posted by gary on June 22, 2001 at 22:35:59 PST:

Most towns have two cellular providers, literally known a A and B. When the system was created, the wired service company got one system, and the new kid in town got the other system. However, the areas around the ranges seem to have just one cellular provider. In Tonopah, I can't use my GTE/Verizon phone, but have no trouble in Alamo. It may be that those who are getting coverage on Tikaboo may be getting if from Las Vegas and not the site just north of Alamo (on the left side of the road on the way to Caliente). Regarding Tikaboo, my phone started to work below the loose shale, i.e. half way up to the false summit.

I perhaps used to monitor cell phones a few years ago, something I can neither confirm nor deny. ;-) But if I did, I may have found out that each cell site has a specific data channel and a subset of the available frequencies. The system is designed so that the frequencies don't interfere, but given the finite number of channels, you will eventually have to re-use frequecnies. Anyway, if you possed a cellular capable scanner, which of course is wrong, you could figure out which frequency you were using then verify if it was the Alamo site or some other place.

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